How to install OpenBVE on MacOS / OSX

Written by Jazzzny in December 2020.


This guide will guide you through the process of installing OpenBVE v1.4.2 on MacOS. It may be very confusing to install OpenBVE on MacOS, but this guide will simplify the process. I will be using the OpenBVE 1.4.2 TTC Package as it is the most complete installation package.

Getting Started

The first step is to make sure your system meets all requirements needed to run OpenBVE.

Minimum Requirements

Once you have confirmed your system meets all requirements, we can continue.

NOTE: OpenBVE will NOT work on MacOS Catalina or Big Sur! This is due to 32bit app support being removed from those operating systems. You will need to downgrade or run Windows to play OpenBVE if you are on Catalina or Big Sur.

Install Prerequisites

The first step is to prepare an empty folder, where all of the files will go.

Next, download the files required for OpenBVE to run:

The first package to install is OpenAL. You will only need to install this on OSX 10.9 - 10.12.

Mount the dmg file, then run the pkg file. If the pkg file does not run, right-click it and click open.

Go through the installer, and finish the installation.


The next package to install is Mono. Run the downloaded pkg file. If the pkg file does not run, right-click it and click open.

Go through the installer, and finish the installation. (This may take awhile)


Next, install the XQuartz package. Run the pkg file, and go through the installer.


The final package to install is SDL. This one is a bit different than the others.

The first step is to mount the dmg file. Then, copy the SDL.framework file.

Next, go to this folder:


Paste the SDL.framework file here.

And that's it! The hard part is done.

Starting OpenBVE

Download the OpenBVE TTC Package here: (You can use other OpenBVE 1.4.2 installs)


After it is downloaded, unzip it and enter the folder. Then, open a terminal window.

First, enter PATH=/Library/Frameworks/Mono.framework/Versions/Current/bin/:${PATH} and hit enter.

Then, type in mono  then drag OpenBve.exe from the TTC OpenBVE folder into the terminal window.

It should look something like this:

mono /Users/Username/Downloads/OpenBVE\ 1.4.2/OpenBve.exe

Then hit enter. You will likely get this error:

SDL.framework is from an unidentified developer and cannot be run.

To fix this, close the terminal window, then open system preferences. Next, open the Security menu. Then, open the General tab. Finally, click allow for the notification about the SDL framework being blocked.

Now, try launching OpenBVE again with the steps above. Note: you will need to run those two commands every time you want to start OpenBVE!

If OpenBVE launches, enjoy! When you launch a session, ignore all file access errors.

If it does not, feel free to contact me on Discord for help!

My Discord: Jazzzny#0001